Portrait of family running in urban setting with skyline in the background shot by Picadilly Studios of Brooklyn nY
      Purim portrait of two adorable clowns in costume by white wall in Brooklyn NY by Picadilly Studios
      Portrait of little girl with curls in bonnet knit by mom standing by a brick pillar taken by Picadilly Studios in Brooklyn NY
      Portrait of little girl in plaid Hanna Anderson dress sitting by red gate in Brooklyn NY Hanna
      Fun photo session with little girl taken on lawn in Brooklyn NY
      Brooklyn, NY portrait of little with handmade bonnet and curls standing by brick pillar
      Portrait of baby girl sitting on steps during golden hour in Brooklyn NY wearing a handmade bonnet, taken by Picadilly Studios
      Purim clowns in colorful costume on asphalt in Brooklyn NY shot from above by Picadilly Studios
      Little girl in Hanna Anderson dress in Brooklyn NY jumping with autumn colors
      little girl in Brooklyn NY during golden hour

      Urban Chic