The Experience And Process

      The Picadilly Experience

      You are here because you want pictures of your kids. You might be new at this, you might have done something like this many times before, or you might not even be sure yet if you want to do this at all! You might be excited about having family pictures taken, you might be worried about how (or even if!) your kids will behave, you might not believe anyone can get good pictures of your hard, uncooperative, super active (or insert your own adjective here) child, or you might not think anyone can get images that really do your child justice. All you know is that you want something beautiful, something that will make your heart sing when you look at it, something you will love forever, and something you will actually enjoy even while doing it.
      And that is what we aim for at Picadilly Studios. A session  you will enjoy and images you will love! Because we get kids, we love kids and kids love us back. So we are able to capture the person your child really is, all the delightful bits of their personalities that get drowned out in the day to day drudgery, the magic of childhood that is so easy to forget is there, the wonders we will one day think back on and say, I wish I could have preserved that somehow.
      And the good news is, you can. It’s all part of the Picadilly Experience!

      Studio Sessions

      If you are looking for that classic portrait style, studio is the way to go. In our wonderful, child-friendly studio space we will capture those beautiful traditional portraits as well as those images that show your child’s personality, whatever that may be. Sessions are a half hour to forty-five minutes long and start at $450 which includes a $300 print/product credit as well as three digital files of your choice from images that you order.¬† Additional prints, wall art and albums are available and we guide you through the choosing process so you get the products that fit your needs and lifestyle best.

      Outdoor Sessions

      Love the great outdoors? The fresh greens in the spring, the vibrant crispness of autumn, the delicious warmth of summer, the best nature has to offer? Then an outdoor session is for you! Sessions start at $275 for approximately hour long sessions and can take place at the park, a quaint little street, a beautiful garden, and even on your block! I will walk you through the options and will help you choose the location that best suits your vision.
      Portrait session of sisters taken outdoors near wood cabin taken by Picadilly Studios of Brooklyn NY

      At the Beach

      Is the beach your happy place? Do you love the sound of the water, the beautiful open sky, the delightful texture of the soft sand? Then book a sunset beach session, it’ll be the stuff of dreams! Sessions begin at $275 and are approximately one hour long. One hour of fun and gorgeousness and beachy goodness! As with all our sessions, we will walk you through every step of the way, from clothing choices all the way to your final product decisions.