fun family session in Prospect Park by high-end Brooklyn, NY photographer Picadilly Studios

      If you’ve ever been in the market for a photographer you know that there are hundreds of photographers out there and all have them have their loyal families who think they are the best and will only use them. But does that mean that your friend’s photographer is the BEST for YOU? How do you know which one to choose and how do you decide which one will be the one that will make you so happy that you will become a loyal client too?

      Here are some tips and pointers to help you figure out how to find the BEST photographer for YOU. (And the reason why I keep emphasizing the BEST photographer for YOU, is precisely because what is best for your friend is not necessarily best for you. Everyone has different needs, and more importantly, different expectations, when hiring and using a photographer and making sure before you start that your expectations will most likely be met will help you